history of the company

Keshavarz Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Group with more than 30 years of experience in the field of consulting, engineering, commissioning, trading and sales of all extrusion lines and spare parts and accessories, today is one of the main sources in the country’s plastic industry. This group intends to take an effective step towards the development and progress of the country’s plastic industry by providing quality products and services while supporting domestic industries. In this regard, it has established a factory for manufacturing machinery related to downstream plastic industries. According to the internal needs of this group, during ten years, it has optimized the manufacture of polyethylene and PVC extruders and has taken an effective step in the productivity of this industry. One of the new activities of this group is the construction of a production line for sewing side irrigation tape, which is offered in four models: “Kara”, “Karin”, “Karina” and “Karun”, and it can be said that Keshavarz Engineering and Machinery Group Production of irrigation tape at a speed of 70 meters per minute. Due to water shortage and drought in the country, the production line of irrigation tape helps a lot in mechanizing water consumption and saving.